Why Donegal?

Donegal has spectacular scenery, rolling hills, expansive coastline and also very dark skies, important for night photography and the occasional display of the Aurora Borealis. 

Key features are the unspoilt landscapes and Mother Nature herself. With her many displays of serenity and vigor there is always a great photo opportunity for you to capture through your lens.


Who are the tours for?

Our workshops are suitable for DSLR owners, from beginner to intermediate skill and experience levels.

If you have a compact camera, you will be very welcome on the workshops but you will achieve more from your time with us if the camera is a model that you can switch out of ‘automatic mode’ to allow for more creative and technical control. If in doubt it would be best to contact us so that we can discuss the camera renting options with you.

What will I learn?

  •  understanding light and how it affects the landscape at different times of the day and year
  • composition rules 
  • creating emotion in your landscape photographs
  • individual style and how to develop this
  • developing the skill and confidence to work your camera settings for maximum creative control
  • creative and technical control of depth of field (including hyper focal distance)
  • how to use neutral density and other filters

What will we provide?

We provide guided tours to the most beautiful spots in Donegal.  Each tour has been extensively researched and you are guaranteed the best in local knowledge and one to one tutoring to make sure you go home with some of the best shots you've ever taken.  We also provide online feedback and advice about your images and photography for a calendar month after the tour finishes.  Check out our weekend breaks that includes two days accomodation.

How much does it cost & how do I pay ?

€85 per person for the days fun. You can Fill out form here and we will email you a paypal request for fee payable prior to event along with further details of days activities.

(Please note transport not provided) Please contact for details as transport maybe available on request.

Private tours available on a daily basis, priced to tailor to individual requirements.  Just send us a message!